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Manufacturing Industry

"A healthy manufacturing sector is the engine of the economy".  A good reason to cherish this industry. We are committed to maintaining the manufacturing industry in Western Europe by jointly seeking new and improved production and logistics concepts. For us, the manufacturing industry consists of the  manufacture  and  assembly  of discrete products, but also includes the  food  and process industry  .

Industrial Engineering

'Lead times reduction achieved by creating Flow'.  The  design  of new production and logistic processes  or  optimising existing processes  is our core business  (summarized:  Industrial Engineering). We take an integral look at  Lean, Layout and Logistics.  Together with experts from our customers, we form a strong project-team to work on Organization & Culture, Process Equipment & Flow and Planning & Scheduling.  It starts with developing a good  concept  and continues up to managing the  Implementation.


Ergo-Design BV - Industrial Engineering - (founded in 1991) combines manufacturing and logistic consultancy, mechanical design and industrial engineering expertise with 'innovative tools'. As designers, we are  'interior designers of the factory'  and as performance specialists,  "we tune your process'  or  'we stimulate  your organization'. Sometimes at firstin the 'serious gaming' environment of our 'Digital factory'  and later on the shopfloor. You can contact us for:

  • Creating Master Plans for Manufacturing and Logistics,
  • Designing a new Factory Layout, Manufacturing Lines and Logistic concepts
  • Optimizing Efficiency, Logistics, Quality and Ergonomics.
  • Simulation Studies and Smart Scheduling applications; Takt Clocks and digital scoreboards.